Latest Update: 21st October 2023 - Day 226 to Day 230 - Various Experiments

Where To Buy Materials

Since we are often asked where to buy various components or materials, here is a list of some of the commercial items we use on our rockets or would recommend. We do not have affiliations with the listed providers.

Item Description

Jolly Logic:

A great range of altimeters that are very easy to use. We use both the AltimeterOne and AltimeterThree.

Tornado Tubes

CoolThings Australia:

We use these tornado tubes to join spliced bottles neck-to-neck when assembling longer rockets.

Single tube: vortex-valve-tornado-tube.html

CoolThings offers a great deal when you buy a box of 24: tornado-tube-pack-24.html


PVC Launcher

Water Rocket Pop!:

Mike Passerotti's PVC launcher with several add on options: orders.htm

Used for launching rockets with a full bore nozzle.

Sikaflex 11FC


This glue is a flexible polyurethane glue that sticks fairly well to PET. We use it to seal bottles when splicing. It's also suitable for attaching fins and other components to the rocket.

Electronic Components


We source most of our electronics from Digikey. They have a huge range to choose from.

LiPo Batteries

Hobby King:

We use these batteries with some of our flight computers. They have a great capacity and weigh around 2grams.

RC Servos


E-bay has the best bargains for RC-Servo motors. They are best bought in packs of 6x or more as you will want to have a few spare when your rockets don't do as they are told.

Search for "RC micro servo" and then search for the one you want. We mostly use the 9 gram versions.