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Current Data Requests

The following table represents the current status of requested experiments. The order in which the experiments are performed is purely arbitrary and depends on complexity, resource availability, and costs involved.

Experimental Data Requests Date Requested/ ID Requested by Current Status Assigned to
Measure the burst pressure of standard bottle caps. 091010_001 GK Pending GK
Measure the thrust produced by bottle stretching alone. How much energy is stored in the bottle walls that contribute to the thrust of the rocket? 091102_001 GK Pending GK
Measure the dimensions and volume of P&L 1.5L bottle 090920_002 GK Pending GK
Measure the dimensions and volume of 1.5L Coke bottle 091115_001 GK Pending GK
Write up the results of variable nozzle tests from March '09 090314_001 GK In Progress GK
Compare the efficiency of a long nozzle versus a short nozzle of the same internal diameter. 100714_001 Karl Werner Pending GK


Status Key

Pending Experiment has been accepted, assigned and is waiting to be performed.
In Progress Experiment is currently being performed but results have not been posted yet.
Complete The experiment is complete and the results posted.
Cancelled The experiment has been cancelled. This could be for a variety of reasons.
On Hold The experiment has been accepted but has not been assigned or materials are not yet available to perform the experiment.

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