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Test Procedures

The following procedures are used to carry out various experiments.

Procedure Description
Hydrostatic Burst Testing
Testing a pressure vessel to destruction by completely filling it with water and pressurising it.

Measuring Pressure Vessel Volume

How to accurately measure the volume of a pressure vessel taking into account stretching under pressure.

Measuring Pressure Vessel

How to accurately measure the dimensions of pressure vessel taking into account stretching with pressure.

Static Fire Testing

Firing a rocket while it remains to attached to the launch pad or test stand.

Static Thrust Measurement

How to measure the static thrust of a water rocket.


Launching a rocket to observe performance.

Standard 1cm x 1cm
glue strength test

Measuring a glue's ability to bond to PET plastic.

Thermal test

Measuring temperatures of a pressure chamber.

Comparing Video Cameras

Comparing various camera features against each other.


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