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How do I submit data?

If you have data that is likely to benefit the water rocket community and you would like to have it published here please contact us to discuss the data.

We are aiming to keep all the data on this website in a consistent and cross-referenced form. Any submitted data will also be considered on its relevancy. We may ask you to provide further information about how the data was obtained. We always credit the data provider with each submission, and where relevant link back to the original data source.

What data should I submit?

The data should be of a more general nature that is likely to benefit other rocketeers. Examples include: the burst pressure for a particular bottle, comparisons of various products, strength measurements of materials, performance comparisons for various rocket elements, etc.

What format do I have to provide the data in?

There is no specific format the data needs to be in, as the data will be reformatted to the style to fit with all the other data. Images are preferred in JPEG format, but any other format is acceptable.

The data you provide will be published under the Creative Commons - Attributions Share-Alike licence. Please contact us if you wish to share the information under a different license.

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