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Request An Experiment

If you cannot find the information you are looking for either here or elsewhere on the internet, you can request an experiment to be performed by the Labs' team.

What kind of experiments can I request?

  • All serious requests will be considered, however, the more likely experiments to be accepted will be ones that in general benefit the water rocket community.

  • Dangerous experiments are likely to be rejected, however, depending on the risk factor some of these may be accepted so that others do not need to carry out the experiments themselves.

  • "At what pressure will a bottle cap burst?"  Is a good request.

  • "What is the best rocket design I can win my school competition with?" Is NOT a good request.

How do I request an experiment?

Prior to requesting an experiment please check to see if the data is not already available. Also check the current requests to make sure no one else has already asked for the data.

We will always discuss with you the experiment first to make sure if a particular test procedure is suitable for the experiment.

Please contact the labs team here: contact us and described the data you are after.

What happens if my request is accepted?

If your request is accepted it will be placed in the current requests list and carried out at the next opportunity. The list is simply a collection of pending experiments. Requests are not placed in a queue but are continually evaluated and may be combined with others in the same experiment. The order in which experiments are carried out is highly dependent on the current list of requests, complexity of the experiment, resource availability and costs involved.

You can change a request's details while it is in the list if it is still pending. After the experiment is finished, you may request follow up experiments or further analysis of the data.

Most experiments that are within reason are carried out free of charge, but arrangements can be made to supply either materials or funds for specific experiments.

The results of all free experiments will be published on this site.

What happens if my request is rejected?

A list of reasonable but declined requests will be published and the reason why they were declined. This allows others to save time by not making requests likely to be declined.

The results will be published under the Creative Commons - Attributions Share-Alike licence.


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