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Launch Procedure


This procedure is used for flight testing a rocket. This is a general launch procedure, but will vary based on launcher and rocket requirements.


Due to pressures involved, this experiment should be carried out outdoors and the launch crew should observe normal launch safety protocols.


  • Air source. This includes pumps, tanks, compressors etc.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Launcher
  • Rocket and payload.


  1. Prepare launcher and air supply by connecting them together.
  2. Prepare rocket recovery system and payload.
  3. Fill the rocket with the required amount of water
  4. Place rocket onto the pad and lock into place.
  5. Clear the launch area of personnel.
  6. Ensure wind conditions are within safe limits.
  7. Arm recovery system and payload.
  8. Pressurise the rocket.
  9. Start any ground cameras recording the flight.
  10. Launch
  11. Recover the rocket and download any data from the payload.
  12. Record rocket flight parameters for later analysis.


  1. With test flights it is a good idea to record ground video of the flight for later analysis.
  2. Always inspect the rocket after landing to make sure no parts have come loose, or that the pressure chamber has not suffered any damage.

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