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Test Equipment - Glue strength measuring stand


The glue strength measurement stand is designed to subject a sample of glue to a sheer force to determine the strength of the glue.

The test stand consists of the following:

  • Two clamps capable of holding the sample under test. One clamp needs to be suspended from a secure structure. The other clamp needs to be able to have weights suspended from it.
  • A series of weights that can be suspended from one of the clamps. This can be a water container with an open neck so water can be poured in to increase the weight.
  • A scale used to measure the suspended weights.


  1. One clamp is suspended from a strong support such as a workbench or door frame.
  2. One end of the sample is attached to the suspended clamp.
  3. The second clamp is suspended from the other end of the sample.
  4. Weights are progressively added to the lower clamp until the sample breaks.


  • A slack safety line can be connected to the suspended weights to prevent them from impacting the floor when the sample breaks.
  • The clamps can take any form as long as they hold the samples effectively.

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