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100421-001 Measuring Tornado coupling burst pressure
Date 21st April 2010
Tested by PK & GK
Location Sydney, Australia
Test Procedure Burst Test


  • To measure the burst pressure of a commercially available tornado tube.

Experiment Setup

The modified standard hydrostatic burst procedure was used to measure the burst pressure. 

This procedure used a special hose to bottle neck adaptor on one end of the coupling, and a bottle pre-form on the other end of the coupling. Due to the small internal volume with this test, no water was used.


Tornado couplings tested.
Test setup with air hose/bottle neck adaptor and pre-form on either side of the coupling.

The coupling was pressurised to 270psi without leaks and the coupling did not show any signs of stress. The coupling did not fail at this pressure.

Conclusions / Analysis

  • Though the coupling did not fail at 270psi, it is unknown what the top burst pressure is, therefore it would only be recommended that the coupling is not used above 220psi.

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