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091114-001 Measuring Bottle Burst Pressures
Date 14th November 2009
Tested by PK & GK
Location Sydney, Australia
Test Procedure Burst Test


  • To measure the burst pressure of a number of 9 commonly available bottles.

Experiment Setup

The standard hydrostatic burst procedure was used to measure the burst pressure of 9 common bottles.


The following results were obtained from the experiment:

Bottle ID Burst Pressure (psi)
2L bottle with ridge PC_2000_001 170
2L Coke PC_2000_003 155
2.25L with ridge PC_2250_001 162
2L no ridge PC_2000_002 160
2L Conical PC_2000_004 165
1.25L Standard PC_1250_001 180
1.25L spiral neck PC_1250_002 195
600ml Coke PC_0600_001 215*
1.5L Coke PC_1500_002 185

Hydrostatic burst test results

Conclusions / Analysis

  • The burst pressure for most 2L bottles was similar and in the ~160psi range. The 1.25L bottles mostly burst around the ~180psi mark.
  • The 600mL bottle did not fail, despite having reached 215psi. This was the limit of the pressure source.

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