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Each flight log entry usually represents a launch or test day, and describes the events that took place.
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Day 116 - Casual Flights
Setting up at the launch site.
First launch of the day.
The rocket was pressurised to 120psi.
This is a chicken.
Launch sequence of the second launch of the day.
Quite a good turn out at the launch.
Passing through apogee.
Frame taken from the video camera.
The tall grass makes the rockets harder to find.
Axion G3 - reinforced with fiberglass.
The G3 was launched at 190psi.
It landed very close to the trees.

Date: 25th February 2012, 8:00am - 12:30pm
Doonside, NSW, Australia
 5 - 20km/h wind, warm ~29C, partly cloudy.
Team Members at Event:
PK and GK

Today was just a very casual flying day, so a quick update for completeness. As we are still working on the bigger rockets and the weather was good, we decided to dust off some of the smaller rockets and go flying at the NSWRA launch,

The wind was starting to pick up early so first we launched the small Axion III rocket at 120 psi. The flight was ideal and the parachute opened right at apogee and the rocket landed well.

Next up was the longer Axion II and this time we fitted the MD80 clone to the rocket with a downward facing mirror. The rocket again flew well and landed without a problem but closer to the rocket eating trees. Today the wind was blowing directly at them so we angled the launch rail away from the trees. The MD80 looks like it dropped quite a few frames in places. I'm not sure why that is. At other times it has been fine.

The last launch of the day was a high pressure rocket Axion G3. This rocket uses a fiberglass reinforced spliced pair as well as a spliced quad. After setting it up on the launch pad I noticed that the servo timer didn't want to set the servo to the default position. And was behaving a little erratically. So we swapped the nosecone for a spare one. Later the problem was traced to a poor battery clip connection on the battery.

G3 was launched at 190psi and we set the delay to 6 seconds to make sure it opened later so that it wouldn't drift too far. The rocket flew well and the parachute opened when it was supposed to. We watched as the rocket drifted towards the trees again, and this time only landed a couple of meters away. It was way too close for comfort. So we decided to abandon further launches. It's always better to bail out early than to lose a rocket. There were quite a few pyro rockets going up so it was fun to watch.

Shadow Update

I have updated the shadow build log with more technical data as well as tech drawings of the various components on both the rocket and the launcher. The update also includes photos of the payload section with the camera, altimeter and power supply. We're starting a second build log page for Shadow II because the old build log was starting to get a little long.

Here is a quick highlights video from the launches on the day:

Flight Details

Launch Details
Rocket   Axion III
Pressure   120 psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   900mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 3 seconds
Payload   None
Altitude / Time   ? / 26.7 seconds
Notes   Very good flight with parachute deployment at apogee. Good landing.
Rocket   Axion II
Pressure   120 psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1400mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 5 seconds
Payload   MD80 clone camera
Altitude / Time   ? / 24.7 seconds
Notes   Very good flight with parachute deployment near apogee. Good landing.
Rocket   Axion G3
Pressure   190 psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1200mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 6 seconds
Payload   None
Altitude / Time   ? / 22.2 seconds
Notes   Good flight with parachute deploying late as configured. Good landing but almost ended up in the trees.


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