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Each flight log entry usually represents a launch or test day, and describes the events that took place.
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Day 125 - Long Rocket
Axion stands at 1.9m  ready for launch.
Launched at 125psi with foam.
Setting up for a second flight.
Second launch was fitted with a camera and also flew with foam.
Delay was set at 5 seconds.
Rocket extended for the third flight. - Axion IX. Length 2.4m
There was a slight bend in the rocket. Flown only with water.
Landed close to the launch area.
Only a short walk back
Prep for next flight
Extended again to 2.75m to form Axion X
The launch wasn't quite that loud.
The rocket spiralled a little on the way up.
Landed well away from any trees.
The rocket bent as a result of the landing.
Rockets everywhere.
David brought along his water rocket.
His deployment system is based on a Tomy timer.
It was launched twice, Once at 90psi and once at 110psi.

Date: 14th October 2012, 8:45am - 12:30pm
Doonside, NSW, Australia
 0 - 10km/h , ~25C, blue skies, partly cloudy later.
Team Members at Event:
 PK and GK

Long Rocket

We've had a bit of a break from rockets over the last month as we've had family visiting from overseas and with the school holidays we took the opportunity to go down to visit Tasmania for just over a week. Tasmania was amazing and we got to do lots of fun stuff and see lots of wild animals and the rain forests.

This last weekend was another NSWRA launch opportunity and so we brought along some older rockets. The weather conditions were perfect with virtually no wind and blue skies early, though later some nice puffy clouds turned up. We didn't have a specific plan on what we wanted to launch, so we progressively assembled longer and longer rockets on the day.

We flew a couple of flights with the jet foaming spacer, and then as the rocket got longer (and heavier) we decided to switch to water only in order to generate more thrust off the pad.

The foam flights were very slow off the pad but without any wind they kept going vertically, though they spiralled a bit. We used a maximum 2L of water even in the longest rocket in order to obtain enough acceleration with a small nozzle.

Because the rocket was so tall when set up on the pad, there was no way we could arm it, (didn't think we would need the ladder) so we attached the trigger string and armed the deployment mechanism before we put the rocket on the pad.

All 4 flights were successful and had good landings. The longest rocket bent slightly in the middle when it landed.

There were some really good pyro flights on the day as well with a couple of H motors, an H hybrid along with a handful of G motors going up. Congratulations to David B. for getting his L1 certification with a perfect flight. It was also great to meet Robert Brand in person and see some new faces launching on the day.

Here is a highlights video from the day:

Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night

This upcoming weekend NSWRA has a stand again at the Mac Uni Astronomy Open Night. This was a great event last year with lots of people turning up. We are going to bring a couple of our rockets for display as well. The club is also going to try to do a static motor firing on the night. We did similar firings of small motors at the Sydney Observatory earlier in the year, but this time we are going to fire a G64. These are nice and loud and produce lots of flame and smoke. This one will be interesting to see how many little kids we'll scare. :)

If you want to come along on the night here are some details:

There should be lots of telescopes set up as well as other activities to do and booths to see. 

Flight Details

Launch Details
Rocket   Axion
Pressure   125psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1800mL + foam
Flight Computer   ST II - 5 seconds
Payload   HD #16 Cam, jet foaming spacer
Altitude / Time   ? / 31.2s
Notes   Good flight with good deployment although slightly early. Good landing.
Rocket   Axion
Pressure   125psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1800mL + foam
Flight Computer   ST II - 5 seconds
Payload   HD #11 Cam, jet foaming spacer
Altitude / Time   ? / 28.7s
Notes   Good flight with good deployment. Good landing. Deployment slightly before apogee.
Rocket   Axion IX
Pressure   125psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   2000mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 6 seconds
Payload   HD #11 Cam
Altitude / Time   ? / 29.9s
Notes   Good flight with good deployment. Good landing.
Rocket   Axion X
Pressure   125psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   2000mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 6 seconds
Payload   HD #11 Cam
Altitude / Time   ? / 27.3s
Notes   Good flight with good deployment. Good landing though rocket bent a little on landing.


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